Reliable servicing

-High capacity and utilizing various printing presses

Today, Ravagh owns five web-fed presses which contain three commercial presses. They are able to print on 35-120g/sm paper. Each of them has different capability, so that enables Ravagh to produce many different products in various sizes and Number of pages.

Printing is a composition of art and industry, so operators (human resource) have a significant role in quality of products. Maybe the only distinguishable aspect of Ravagh against its rivals is that Ravagh enjoys cooperation of expert and highly motivated human resources which can make various quality products with their expertise in operating state of the art equipments.

Punctuality is somehow the most important factor for newspaper and weeklies. Thank to different equipments and high capacity of production, Ravagh is able to meet the customers demand in any circumstances. For example, we can replace machines with each other, in case of crack down or running out of row material. Furthermore, Ravagh has invested in power generators so that smooth serving is possible in case of power failure.